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I am a story teller at heart. From the beginning my goal has been to tell the best story I could through images. I have always loved images that capture true emotion.


Most times, these very special moments happen in the blink of an eye and are gone as soon as they happen. A glance from across the room, a tear quickly wiped away, the pride on a fathers face, the joy in a sisters eyes. These are just a few examples of moments that come together to tell a perfect story of your wedding day. It takes a true professional wedding photography team like ours, who has taken the time to master their craft to know when and where to expect these special fleeting moments.


Weddings are beautiful events. I love to see families and friends coming together to celebrate the union of two souls. So much planning goes into making the perfect event. Flowers, wedding cakes, finding the right caterer, DJ, event facility, wedding dress, etc. It is easy to get lost in the details. The most important thing to remember is what you are coming together to celebrate and who is there to celebrate with you.


When the music fades and the flowers wilt away how will you remember your event?

Let me and my team of professional story tellers capture all your memories the way you want to remember them, through photographs and video.


This is your event. We are here to capture your wedding the way you experienced it!

Mark Thomas Films


I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. I have always loved capturing images that tell a story. As I progressed with photography, I became fascinated with video and the possibilities for story telling.


I have been shooting video for over to 15 years now, and I have seen many advances in what can be done with wedding videos. The wedding video has grown into much more of an art form. Advances in camera technology have made it possible to capture weddings like never before. What we are able to do with digital editing makes a wedding video much more like a professional film.


Shooting a cinematic film requires much more discipline and talent than traditional videography. To get the kind of film we are after, we use professional stabilizers, sliders, and cranes to get that cinematic look. We want it to feel like you are watching a modern film with clean stable shots that tell a unique story of your day.


One thing that really separates wedding films from photography, is the ability to capture audio. The toasts, interviews, and voices from the ceremony add a whole extra level of emotion to your film that photography can never capture. Most professional cinematographers will agree that films are 49% visual and 51% audio. We use high end audio equipment to capture the best possible audio from the day. This audio is creatively edited together with the footage of the day in order to tell a story much deeper than just a music video.